Frida Sundemo

FRESH: ‘Sounds In My Head’ – Frida Sundemo

Frida Sundemo’s outstanding new EP “Sounds In My Head”

Swedish artist and actress Frida Sundemo has released her stunning new EP, “Sounds In My Head”. A cohesive collection of bold synth-pop tracks touching on themes of longing, fear, guilt, love and sadness, Frida’s approach to music and songwriting has become less studio-focused and more internal over the past year as she’s been studying in medical school and even spent time this spring helping the COVID-19 effort in Sweden. As Frida describes, “Sounds In My Head is about just that. Ideas and feelings inside of me translated into music”.

Alongside the EP comes the new focus track, “Backbone”, an emotive, mid-tempo song exploring “that feeling when it suddenly hits you that you hurt someone you love. That mixed feeling of guilt, regret and endless love”. Rounding out the EP is “Backlashing”, which Frida says is about “failing time after time and fooling yourself that you’ll succeed next time. I guess that naivety is the reason you’re able to pick yourself up and try again. It’s sad and beautiful at the same time”. Growing up in Gothenburg, Sweden, Frida was raised in a highly musical environment. She lists jam sessions with her siblings and parents as the beginning of her love for music. However, Frida first pursued a career in medicine and attending medical school, of which she continues to study today.

Throughout her medical studies, Sundemo continued to write songs and taught herself the intricacies of music production. Inspired by artists from Green Day to Björk, with her dream collaborators being Tom Waits and Thom Yorke, Frida also draws inspiration from composers like Hans Zimmer and John Williams, influencing the spatial and often cinematic quality to her music. A multi-faceted artist, Frida made her big-screen acting debut in the film ‘Kill Your Friends’ and also wrote three songs for the soundtrack. Her songs have also been featured on television shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and Teen Wolf.

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