Talk Talk It's My Life

COVER vs ORIGINAL: ‘It’s My Life’

The song, “It’s My Life”, was originally recorded by Talk Talk in 1984

“It’s My Life” was written and recorded by British band Talk Talk for their second studio album of the same name. It took three attempts to get the song into the UK top 40. The first occasion, in January 1984, the song stalled at No.46. The second attempt in 1985 failed and resulted in a chart position of No.93. Finally, in May 1990, “It’s My Life” found its audience and powered its way to No.13, becoming their third and highest placed top twenty single.

US band No Doubt (better known for their 1996 smash “Don’t Speak”) covered the song for their best of collection “The Singles 1992-2003” in 2003 and released it as a single. It became a huge global hit, making the top ten across five continents and peaking at No.10 in the US. The UK were more indifferent to the song and this resulted in a chart position of No.20, still a top twenty hit, but neither matching or bettering Talk Talk’s 1990 re-re-release.

But whose version is the best? TALK TALK’s original or NO DOUBT’s cover?

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