FRESH: ‘Hell Of A Heaven’ – Lucas Rizzo

FRESH: ‘Hell Of A Heaven’ – Lucas Rizzo

‘Hell Of A Heaven’ Is A Pop Delight

‘Hell Of A Heaven’ is the first release I have come across by Lucas Rizzo. I am glad I did. It is ticking a lot of my boxes, and it has heaps of talking points.

It gets underway with a strong vocal performance from Lucas. The singer does not hold anything back, and we hear his honesty within his delivery. He speaks about there being good and bad in relationships. The vibe is all about finding something great. But, yet also finding a negative with him emphasising a ‘Hell Of A Heaven’.

The music pleases me. I like that it is robust and has plenty of energy which made me stay until the end. It gets bigger as the track progresses and the transition into various sections works wonders. I am yet to hear the singers previous tracks, but this one appears to be cementing his name as an artist many should considering keeping high on their playlists. Also, ironically, there is a lively feel, and the aura it boasts feels good. But, yet he talks about the refutations of a relationship which makes it quite an interesting listen.

My only pet hate is that it should be a bit longer. I believe that Lucas could have added in a more extended break in places for the instrumental to jump out. But, on the whole, it is a strong release. I like that he is not sticking to the status quo too. He has found a signature sound which many are enjoying and it is great to see him leveraging it. However, he is still early in his career, and it will all depend on his upcoming releases to ensure he has longevity in this field. But, based on ‘Hell Of A Heaven’, he does not have to worry too much. Keep delivering these, and he will keep climbing the music ladder. I am sure.

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