VIEWS: Erasure – Five of Their Best + A New Single and Album!

Five of the very best from Erasure with a new single and album for 2020!

Depeche Mode co-founder Vince Clark and singer Andy Bell have been recording together since 1984. You may of heard of them. They’re known as Erasure and they are one of the foremost synth-pop groups of all time. With dozens of chart hits across the world, six consecutive multi-Platinum, chart topping albums, Erasure, along with the Pet Shop Boys, are Britain’s most successful musical duo.

And their music keeps on coming. Andy and Vince have just announced their new, EIGHTEENTH studio album, due for release next month and its called “The Neon”! The lead single, “Hey You (Think I Got A Feeling)”, has just been released and it’s shaping up to be another superb Erasure-esque collection. “The Neon” comes three years since their last release, “World Be Gone”, which featured the completely brilliant singles “Love You To The Sky” and “Just A Little Love”.

But first, let’s see if it’s possible to pull just five of their previous singles out of the bag and call them their absolute best. It’s not easy and everyone has their own favourites. Here are ours:

1. Oh L’amour (1985)

2. A Little Respect (1988)

3. Blue Savannah (1990)

4. Breath Of Life (1992)

5. Always (1994)

Yes, we’ve probably left out at least a dozen others that could of been included. What would your top five look like? Let us know…

And so to “Hey You (Think I Got A Feeling)”. The song is out now on all digital platforms and a lyric video, in neon of course, has also been released. Is this a future classic and who can’t wait to see what sort of a live show they can build around this album?? A very warm welcome back to you both!

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