Anyone for a journey? Anyone want to travel? How about a “Voyage Voyage”?(!)

Claudie Fritsch-Mentrop (b.1952) adopted her stage name, ‘Desireless’, in 1986 and released her debut single, “Voyage Voyage”, sung entirely in French. It was hardly surprising then that the song was a huge success, topping the charts in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Norway, Spain and the former West Germany. Oddly, “Voyage Voyage” only peaked at No.2 in her home country. Nevertheless, “Voyage Voyage” sold more than half a million copies there alone, from 1986 and throughout 1987.

In fact over five million copies of the single have been sold, although not in the UK, where it faltered at No.53. That was until Pete Waterman’s engineer Pete Hammond gave the song a “PWL flavour” and it saw a re-release in 1988. This time, “Voyage Voyage” soared into the UK top five. Claudie or Desireless, released “John” in 1988, which peaked at No.5 in France but only No.92 in the UK. Desireless released ‘their’ debut album, “Francois”, in 1989, which also included the singles “Qui sommes-nous?” and “Elle est comme les étoiles”.

After sometime out of the way, Desireless returned in 1994 with a follow up, “I Love You”, from which the title track was released as a single. It seems the singles and the support dried up there, even though Claudie continued to released EP’s and albums during the 2000’s, her most recent being “Desireless chante Apollinaire” in 2017. Desireless also continue to make regular appearances on TV and at gigs all over France, performing, yes you’ve guessed it! “Voyage Voyage” has also undergone a number of remixes over the year, just to keep the song fresh and current. And why not? Who said there wasn’t anything wrong in milking your biggest, best known and oldest hit to death.

Desireless 2020

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