Desperate Youth

FRESH: ‘Another Time’ – Desperate Youth

Desperate Youth speaks of “Another Time”

“Another Time” is Desperate Youth’s debut single. The genre could be described as modern synth pop with a retro 80’s vibe.

“I’ve been thinking about when you stop being part of the youth. Maybe I was afraid I might be approaching that border. I hadn’t really given anything a go, taken risks or gone on an adventure. For me Desperate Youth is just that and Another Time is, in many ways, the start of that adventure” he tells us.

What “Another Time” is about can certainly be interpreted in many ways. It can simply be some kind of nostalgia, reminiscing about the good old days, or maybe some kind of forbidden love. It is simply the sound that takes you away to another time, a time maybe you’ve never even experienced yourself, a time that might have never even existed. But around those sounds and feelings the story of “Another Time” was born.

Desperate Youth adds “This is for every generation of youth! This is for you and me and everyone feeling young and lost today. This is me doing exactly what I want, at my own pace and on my own terms. This is me dancing the night away”.

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