Nordik Sonar

FRESH: ‘In The Dream Of Neverending Love’ – Nordik Sonar

Nordik Sonar are “In The Dream Of Neverending Love”!

“In The Dream Of Neverending Love” is a simple heartbreaker story about an unrequited love. This mid-tempo melodrama is a declaration of love to classic pop music as well as to electronic Gods like Robyn and Röyksopp. The Swedish electro/retro/pop-duo Nordik Sonar release the song as a follow up of their six tracks loaded “Good Love Bad Love” EP. The video is their contribution of home made quarantine content. Nordik Sonar are pop rebels with a mission to bring pop music back! Apparently.

The Stockholm based pop duo consists of Linus Erlandsson and Benjamin Trossö and was created 2015 when the two found a common interest for retro pop music and started to write and produce together. March 2020 came their second EP, “Good Love Bad Love”, inspired by their own and others experiences of love and passion, packaged in six colorful pop-gems. Their music is a celebration to the classic pop genre and the boys continue their mission to bring pop music back. Expect a wide range from italo and 80’s-drama to 90’s-bubblegum pop with saxophone solos and made up French.

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