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FRESH: ‘Sleepwalking’ – Callaghan Belle

Callaghan Belle goes “Sleepwalking”

LA-by-way-of-Detroit producer, singer and songwriter Callaghan Belle is releasing her new single “Sleepwalking” today. The single is the latest in a series of new songs that show the young artist embracing a confident and compact pop aesthetic following an eclectic career that’s so far included self-producing an acoustic EP, “Sovereign”, in 2019 and her work as a behind-the-scenes pop industry songwriter and producer which includes collaborations with JoJo and Colbie Caillat.

All her best impulses and experiences are at play in “Sleepwalking,” which is equal parts billowing and anthemic, built around expansive drum swells which rattle through the sweeping dynamic range of the song. The focal point is Belle’s exceptional vocal, which takes cues from any of the silkiest standout pop performances of the last ten years, evoking Justin Timberlake as easily as Ariana Grande.

“‘Sleepwalking’ is about the denial phase of heartbreak” Callaghan explains, “That moment when you first wake up in the morning and you don’t remember you broke up. The song is metaphorically extending that brief moment of blissful ignorance. It’s trying to live there for as long as possible. For me, the lyrics depict wandering through a ghost town of memories, going through the motions of an old relationship”. “Sleepwalking” follows “Run Into You,” released in April as the first in this slate of new music from the singer-songwriter, which is still resonating and drawing a steady stream of listeners even two months later.

The new single’s are as much a fresh start as they are the product of a lifetime’s work for the young artist, who wrote her first song at age eight and signed her first record deal in high school. At age 15 she did her first co-write with Colbie Caillat for the GRAMMY® nominated singer’s Christmas album; more recently she’s been known for her collaborations with The Newton Brothers in their film scoring work, where she’s co-written featured songs for Netflix exclusive films including 2017’s ‘The Bye Bye Man’ and 2018’s ‘Extinction’, the latter of which was performed by JoJo, one of Belle’s childhood musical inspirations.

Callaghan’s new work, as ever, angles the empowerment, intimacy, and edginess of a self-produced artist while still embracing the collaboration of a small team of close confidantes and showing some serious professional studio chops. The result is a polished, radio-ready sound which is nonetheless brimming with her own spirited, funny personality and energy in a way that’s only possible in the directness of this intimate farm-to-table production style.

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