REVIEW: ‘Chromatica’ – Lady Gaga

Written by The Lazy Music Reviewer

This is the latest review by the Lazy Music Reviewer. He is too busy listening to and promoting lots of awesome music (ahem and has a full time job) that he simply doesn’t have time to do an in-depth review (or maybe he is just not a good enough writer to write one – you decide) but he still wants to “review”.

So, the way he works is he will sum up each song in just a few words (sometimes even one word – he’s just that lazy) and then also link via other people’s words to other more in depth reviews (because he’s wicked and he’s lazy) for your reading pleasure because it’s always good to get more than one person’s opinion, right?

Chromatica is the sixth studio album by American singer Lady Gaga. It was released on May 29, 2020, by Streamline and Interscope Records. Originally scheduled for April 10, 2020, the album’s release was delayed for several weeks, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gaga and BloodPop served as the album’s executive producers.

Chromatica is a dance-pop, synth-pop and electropop album, incorporating elements of EDM, house and many other electronic genres. Lyrically, it covers themes such as mental health, depression, loneliness, finding love through hardship, the trauma of sexual assault and self-worth, which stands in contrast with the positive and uptempo sound of the album. The album features guest vocals from Blackpink, Ariana Grande and Elton John.

Ok, so what’s the thoughts?


1 – Alice

“Please! Take me to Wonderland!”, The Lazy Music Reviewer

Now this is how you open an album. We don’t think we’ve ever heard Gaga’s voice sound this good before. Is it too soon to say this is in her top five songs of all time?“, Gay Times

“It’s upbeat and fun – even the vocoder-heavy spoken word bit.”,

2 – Stupid Love

This is EVERYTHING I ever wanted!“, The Lazy Music Reviewer

an obvious choice for lead single as it has a lot of mainstream appeal, but the rest of the album has so many highlights “, Gay Times

Can we mention Madonna in a Lady Gaga review? Okay, it reminds us of Madonna, in a way“,

3 – Rain On Me

grabbing the newer artists and Gaga-fying them!”, The Lazy Music Reviewer

Pure, unadulterated, campy joy“, Gay Times

Gaga’s been raiding the 90s dance pop playlists on Spotify. Hey, that’s no bad thing in our book.“,

4 – Free Woman

anthem!”, The Lazy Music Reviewer

this is one of the brightest songs on the album, and we can already picture the masses of drag queens around the world who’ll be lip syncing and death dropping to it with joy“, Gay Times

The empowering feminist lyrics lead the charge on a tempo and melody that’s not a million miles from the previous few songs“,

5 – Fun Tonight

sad but still a bop!”, The Lazy Music Reviewer

the song is about not having fun when everyone thinks you should be, and it’s pretty heartbreaking.“, Gay Times

Gaga takes the pace down a bit on this track, but there’s a definite barb to the lyrics“,

6 – 911

boppin’ about poppin’“, The Lazy Music Reviewer

a stomping bop about self-doubt and an antipsychotic that Gaga has been taking“, Gay Times

A grimy ’80s-style electronic riff kicks things off, as a robotic-sounding Gaga sings about building a facade around herself“,

7 – Plastic Doll

it’s no Barbie Girl but we still love it!”, The Lazy Music Reviewer

early Gaga meets Katy Perry“, Gay Times

Catchy number that once again, harkens back to the 1980s to our ears – but it’s lacking a killer punch.“,

8 – Sour Candy

swish, swish”, The Lazy Music Reviewer

a club-ready deep house banger that will have you longing for the dancefloor at your local queer venue.“, Gay Times

an energetic, super-catchy, ice-cool number“,

9 – Enigma

cracked it again!”, The Lazy Music Reviewer

a by-the-books dance-pop song about a relationship“, Gay Times

this sounds more like early Gaga as she strips away the effects and allows her voice to soar over a simple, groove-laden pop number“,

10 – Replay

my disco balls are banging!”, The Lazy Music Reviewer

we’re getting Basement Jaxx meets Sophie Ellis-Bextor vibes, and yes, that’s incredibly high praise.“, Gay Times

Having taken in the 1990s and 1980s on previous tracks, there’s a bit of a 1970s disco vibe to this one.“,

11 – Sine From Above

come to Eurovision!”, The Lazy Music Reviewer

it’s got all the camp, epic build-ups and soaring choruses the popular song competition is known for“, Gay Times

a brazenly cheesy pop tune.“,

12 – 1000 Doves

peace, out!”, The Lazy Music Reviewer

the closest we get to a ballad on Chromatica“, Gay Times

a serious profession of both devotion and heartache“,

13 – Babylon

keep babbling on!”, The Lazy Music Reviewer

This is camp, queer Gaga at her best“, Gay Times

Sorry Gaga fans, but this is practically ‘Vogue’ reworked. And hey, that’s no bad thing!“,

What are your thoughts? Can you sum this album up in one sentence? Go on – be lazy, you know you want to!

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