FRESH: ‘Use My Body’ – Meg Lawrenson

Meg Lawrenson Hits The Sweet Spot

Meg Lawrenson is a UK based pop artist who rarely sticks to the status quo with her music. Her new single ‘Use My Body’ also provides us with plenty of fresh and unique elements which we have been yet to hear from the up and coming starlet.

The song is all about a relationship which turned sour: a short-lived relationship and one which leaves a lot of regrets. The singer opens up about her encounters, and although she does provide a sense of bad blood, there is still plenty of feel-good with the tracks upbeat and robust instrumental.

It all gets underway in a reliable fashion with Meg captivating on the microphone. Her vocal ability is hard to fault, and although she does not boast a genuinely original sound, she does provide plenty of attributes to make her stand out truly on her own. Vocally, Meg blends influence from the likes of Paramore but also Alanis Morrisette.

The song is a thumper. Especially within the instrumental sections with an influential band standing right behind her. Also, every song she releases takes us on a new journey, and I believe she can tell a good story very well. It is not just her vocal delivery too, which hits home with the right notes, but she provides plenty of wit and anecdotes, which we do not hear all too often within this particular genre.

Overall, it is a stellar track from Meg. As a result, I am eager to hear what else she has in store for us because this one is a real gem which deserves the recognition it is getting. Also, she is proving to be going from strength to strength, and this release backs up her stand out quality.

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