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FRESH: ‘Attention’ – Bloo Crane

Bloo Crane need “Attention”!

Today is the premiere of the first single and music video from Bloo Crane with whom the Polish label Kayax signed record deal at the end of last year. The electronic-pop track “Attention” promotes the band’s upcoming debut album entitled “Bloo Feelings”, which will be released on July 31st. The single is released alongside with a colourful music video.

Bloo Crane, after Rat Kru and the band Cukier, are the artists from the My Name Is New debutant project with a record deal with the Kayax label. The duo is formed by singer Michał Polański and producer Krzysztof Kołodziejczyk.

“‘Attention'” is a musical tale of feelings accompanying our rejection. The desire of another person who does not pay attention to us, the pursuit of an unattainable dream. Interspersed euphoria with frustration, growing with every moment. The lively, electronic sound of the song conquers these emotions. We hope that “Attention” will move you not only to dance, but also to delve into history” Polański tells us.

“Bloo Feelings” will be an energetic explosion of electronic sounds, that invites you to dance. Lyrically, however, it is a story about the feelings that each of us faces – self-acceptance, discovering of our sexuality, frustration or anxiety. “Bloo Feelings” is a journey through the whole spectrum of these emotions wrapped in dance, pop colours.

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