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REVIEW: ‘A Thousand Lives’ – At 1980

At 1980 – “A Thousand Lives”

Retro synthwave producers At 1980, who are responsible for one of this years best tracks, “In The Air“, have just released their debut album, “A Thousand Lives”. At 1980 is the partnership of Spanish producer Adrian Quesada Michelena and singer Josh Dally from Great Britain. They made their debut last year with the track “Northern” before releasing the future title track of this long player, soon after. Singer Josh was introduced to us on the single “Play It (On The Radio)” before the duo really made an impact earlier this year with “In The Air”.

“A Thousand Lives” is exactly what you would expect of a NewRetroWave release, it’s mid-80’s all the way but brand new in the 2020’s, and will attract those never even born in that great decade as well as those of us who remember it well! The album kicks off with the title track with vocals from Dana Jean Phoenix, who adds to the sparkly backing track as if it had just come straight out of a movie. “A Thousand Lives” is followed by the epic “In The Air“, which we reviewed when the song came out and still play it on a regular basis. It would be easy to say at this early stage that “In The Air” is the standout of this album, but let’s see what else is on offer…

“Missing You” is another lush 80’s cinematic offering with a powerful Bryan Adams sounding chorus and just when you thought “In The Air” was the absolute tops, then “Missing You” will further your interest in this duo with Josh’s gorgeous and heartfelt vocal a highpoint of this tune. “Have A Heart” offers yet more sublime sounds and striking chords for this Summery down-tempo anthem with an outstanding performance from Josh. “Oblivion” is an 80’s 32-bit instrumental that again fits in with those montage scenes we all remember from our favourite movies. The aforementioned second release from this album and the first to feature John on vocals, “Play It (On The Radio)” is next and is perfect for a drive along the coast road with the roof down with the sound turned up to the max!

More subliminal and sexy sounds next with “Now”, one for the last dance of the night and with that added sax over the middle-eight, “Now” boasts the line “I gotta take my life and live my youth”, something all of us still do 35 years later, like every day is still 1985! Josh returns for his last sing-song on the next track, the vibrant “Drifting Away”, which raises the pace and beat immensely. And it’s welcome as the tone drops for “Run Away”, which features the vocals of French singer, actress and artist Camille Glémet. “Run Away” is a simplistic in its approach but understated in its execution and Camille proves more than a worthwhile add on. “A Thousand Lives” perfectly concludes with the feel good factor instrumental “Neon Sun” and brings to a close this superb first long player from Adrian and Josh that will be of essential value on those long hot days and teenage dreams from far away.

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