FRESH: ‘Waba Duba’ – Yello

Yello are back with “Waba Duba”!

Dieter Meier and Boris Blank are back in business and very “Waba Duba”! Remember “The Race”? Well thirty two years on, Swiss duo Yello are back with a very familiar sounding new track, “Waba Duba”. It’s the first to come from their brand new album, “Point”, which is out next month and is their first new music for four years and forty years since the release of their debut album, “Solid Pressure” in November 1980.

Yello made it their business to be around every corner in the 1980’s, whether it was ‘racing’ about from TV ads and sporting events with their 1988 signature tune or popping up in how many films of that decade with “Oh Yeah”, Yello were and are still in a league of their own. They worked with Shirley Bassey on “The Rhythm Divine” and brought us the sublime ballad “Of Course I’m Lying” before helping those ‘Nuns On The Run’ with “Another Race”.

If “Waba Duba” is anything to go by, then “Point” will be a feast of vintage yet brand new Yello music for the 2020’s for the group that already has fifteen studio albums behind them. “Waba Duba” features Dieter’s trademark booming vocals and Boris’ inventive instrumentation coming from forty years of accumulating a library of over 100,000 different sounds and samples to work with and use at their disposal!

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