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FRESH: ‘Afterglow’ – The Endorphins

The Endorphins have an “Afterglow”

​The Endorphins​ hit the ground running with the release of their first two singles, ​”Dead Or Alive”​ and ​”Parachute”​, and now the Stockholm-based siblings are launching their debut EP, “Afterglow”​. This is The Endorphins’ second body of work. It picks up where the last EP, “​Sublime”​, ended, with a dreamy and euphoric backdrop to silky vocals.

”The EP is largely based on relationship experiences we’ve both been through. It’s very much afeel good record. There are songs about falling in love, being unconditional with someone orwanting to get through something together. Every song has a hopeful meaning to them. The title summarizes the feeling of the record perfectly, it’s preferably played watching the afterglow skies while the city rises”​, say The Endorphins.

“Afterglow” is full of pop-R​&B gems like the lead single “Home”​, which is ​a pure R&B duet with singer ​AMAYA​ where the artists go vocally back and forth about finally not being lost anymore. She’s the singer with the golden voice, he’s the producer. They are siblings Alva and August Heldt and grew up together in the middle of the bursting music scene in Stockholm, Sweden. Together, they are The Endorphins.

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