FRESH: ‘Fool’ – Tali Shear

Tali Shear Releases Emotional ‘Fool’

Tali Shear gets the summer started in triumphant style. Her new release ‘Fool’ is a pop diamond which comes with plenty of sparkles.

Taking us on a journey, the singer cleverly provides witty vocal lines which grip and prove prevalent. She often delves into a softer side of pop with her tender vocals mesmerising in a ballad style fashion. But, she knows when to add grit, and in her vocals, she unleashes all the power to make for one heck of an anthemic delivery.

Captivating and potent is the best way I could sum this track up. It is not a release I would usually review, and I always sway more towards the dancier side of pop. But, it was a track I could not refuse. It has so much meaning that it stands out profoundly from the minute it starts. Also, the singer provides a fresh angle on this already popular style, providing she is hugely versatile as a musician.

Singing about a time she was a fool, Tali unleashes her inner emotion well and puts her experience on display. I hope that her ex is listening now given how powerful it is, even they will be moved by it. But, is it an entirely new direction for pop? Not really, there is a lot of influences which make the final mix. Also, it sounds very similar to what I heard previously in years before. But, one thing for sure is that the talent is here. Many will struggle to find fault with Tali’s strong vocals. Therefore, she is sure to take the pop scene by storm with this and her future releases.

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