Gregory Dillon

FRESH: ‘Plastic Ferrari’ – Gregory Dillon

Gregory Dillon wants a “Plastic Ferrari”

Beneath the picture-perfect Ken Doll fantasy of Gregory Dillon’s “Plastic Ferrari” lies a sad irony. “Plastic Ferrari” unboxes the (closeted) life of a male doll, and the struggle that hides behind his plastic mold. Though written from the perspective of a play-pretend world, Gregory, who we met with his single “Where We’re Going“, seems to breach a reality queer kids know all too well. The song follows the release of Gregory’s hit single “Love Again”.

Gregory understands sad pop euphoria. He was primed for it in his suburban boyhood by secretly following aerobic workout tapes in his basement and skidding asfalt alone on his green Razor scooter. In an attempt to find confidence in adulthood, Gregory moved to Brooklyn where he began constructing a pop fantasy that re-explores the confusing landscape that shaped his youth. Gregory yearns to bring a complex nostalgia to the mind of the listener. With an 80’s stained sound and a fascination for conceptual design, his energetic synth-driven production and sensitive vocals are perfect for engaging in escapism.

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