FRESH: ‘Nobody Loves Me Like You’ – Astræa

Astræa says “Nobody Loves Me Like You”

Astraea’s music so far has presented her sonically as something of a crossroads – she joins together electronic and analogue instrumentation, she sings in a falsetto vocal which holds within its fragility a lot of strength. The subversions do not end there.

The video for latest release, “Nobody Loves Me Like You” was filmed in lock down, but sees Astraea wandering through a deserted forest and along the coast, making the most of the great outdoors. The song is a pop ballad which is all about the love that this producer has for her family. A refusal to be put into a box is something which has characterised Astraea’s career thus far – a desire to be taken seriously as a female producer and songwriter in a male-dominated industry, like those who have gone before her (the Imogen Heaps and Kate Bushes of the world).

The name Astraea was taken from the Greek Goddess of justice, and themes of social justice are found time and again in her work. Whether performing at Pride celebrations online, or wandering aimlessly through forests in her music videos, Astraea’s image and music hold a sense of strength, and determination to get her voice heard, no matter how many rules she will break in the process.

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