EVERY UK NUMBER ONE SONG: ‘Lady Madonna’ – The Beatles

What was the number one song in the UK on 27th March 1968?

The lads were number one for 2 weeks with Lady Madonna.

Well, after having to consecutively review two very annoying tracks, it’s more than comforting to be reviewing The Beatles again. After several psychedelic experimentations, The Beatles returned to a more classic rock ‘n’ roll sound with Lady Madonna. It’s a boogie-woogie style homage to the single, working mum. Interestingly, McCartney based the style of the song on Fats Domino’s musical style who actually went on to cover the song himself later on in the year. This isn’t the first time that McCartney has written about women and made them the protagonists of his songs (see Eleanor Rigby, Lovely Rita etc). Like Lennon, McCartney lost his mother at a young age and it can’t be ignored that the frequent creation of female characters in his songs may have been a result of this. Lady Madonna was a welcome return to rock ‘n’ roll and it happens to be one of my favourites of the Beatles.


Lady Madonna, children at your feet
Wonder how you manage to make ends meet
Who finds the money when you pay the rent?
Did you think that money was heaven sent?
Friday night arrives without a suitcase
Sunday morning creeping like a nun
Monday’s child has learned to tie his bootlace
See how they run
Lady Madonna, baby at your breast
Wonders how you manage to feed the rest
See how they run
Lady Madonna lying on the bed
Listen to the music playing in your head
Tuesday afternoon is never ending
Wednesday morning papers didn’t come
Thursday night your stockings needed mending
See how they run
Lady Madonna, children at your feet
Wonder how you manage to make ends meet

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