FRESH: ‘Eon’ – Atone

Atone showcase “Eon”

Atone are a four piece band from Oslo, Martin Johansson – vocals and guitars, Mads Johansson – guitars, Stian Ek-Nordlund – bass, and Marcin Krupa – drums. The band have just released their ‘scortching’ new single, “Eon” and have recently taken time out to talk to us about the song. “Eon” is sweepingly majestic and yet so simplistic in its production, it put artists and bands with great longevity to shame. The band cite John Mayer, Kings of Leon, Ed Sheeran, Foo Fighters, Sting and Mark Knopfler among their influences.

If you’ve not heard of Atone, they began when brothers Martin and Mads started playing since they were kids. Stian is their childhood friend. Believe it or not, Mads, Martin and Stian first played together in a metal band, quite the opposite of the music they make in Atone. Initially Atone were anacoustic three-piece, but Marcin (originally from Poland) joined on drums some years down the road. After that, the band also started using electric guitars, pianos, and sometimes female vocals on their songs.

Atone have also played on Norwegian radio a couple of times and a few great festivals in both Norway and Poland. In addition, they have played in many clubs and on stages throughout the south-eastern part of Norway. They tell us that “Eon” was recorded mostly by themselves in their homes with Mads working as the producer and sound engineer. The song was recorded over several evenings after work and after both our kids, wives and pets had fallen to sleep!

The band say: “To be a musician these days requires stamina and flexibility, abilities we master from time to time Mads played all the guitars on the track and composed all the strings, pianos, and synth pads. Martin did his job on vocals and Stian on bass. As this song do not have drums, Marcin contributed as a kind of mentor giving regular feedback. The song is mixed by Kai Worley, a professional music producer. After Mads’ car broke down for good, he got the idea for the song. ‘Eon’ is about dreaming of an eternal world with no endings or goodbyes. In other words, dreaming of eon”.

They add: “The song is also about realising, denying, and coping with the inevitable: The fact that things obviously do not last forever”. “Eon” is actually the first song that the band has recorded and produced themselves. “It has been a steep learning curve and required a lot of patience, but we are very satisfied with the result. We feel we have gotten more control over our recordings by doing most of the work ourselves”, they conclude. You tell us…

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