Kika Pulido

FRESH: ‘Hold Me Tight’ – Kika Pulido

Kika Pulido wants you to “Hold Me Tight”

Kika Pulido is a Colombian singer songwriter established in USA for more than two decades. Kika has just released her brand new tune, “Hold Me Tight”, the follow up to “Crazy Time”. Kika studied in music in Colombia , Cuba and the United States and she has a catalog of over 200 songs already! Kika has worked with multiple producers for over 15 years, most notably her studio work covers Alejandro Sanz’s “El Tren de Los Momentos” in 2006, her voice is feature in epic album like “Songs For Kids With Beards” and has worked as voice talent for tv and radio commercials (2006- present) among others.

She teamed up with JP Gasca at Spiral Monkey Music Group as writer/concept-development which produced multiple independent projects of up coming artists for the Latin market. Love jazz, rock and roll, blues, progressive rock, and crooner soul as much as vibe reggae, folk, indie country, and its a sucker for good old pop! Born in Colombia, Kika was always aspired to be a singer/songwriter writing her first song aged 11. She began her classic training at Xavierian University and in which time she was part of a fusion Band called Mundo Bizarro, the Opera choir and the Papa Jazz ensemble.

Kika moved to United States where she settled in Washington D.C to continue her studies in Jazz Performance at the Levine School of Music. Perfecting her unique vocal style and signature rhythm guitar patterns, Kika stayed focused on her life’s experiences and wrote many songs reflecting those experiences and journeys in the new land in the EP “De Pie”. Her devotion to studying the works of Ella Fitzgerald, Diana Krall, and Brazilian masters like Jobim, Buarque, Djavan, and the study of improvisation fueled her creativity. Inspired by a generation living through the golden years of Spanish rock, Kikas influences came directly from bands such as Soda Stereo, and Caifanes.

Icons like Mecano, Duncandu, Guns and Roses, Queen, The Beatles, and Charlie García were all a part of Kika’s musical legends sculpting her to be the artist she is today. In 2004 Kika traveled to Colombia to record her first CD Mito with producer Alfredo Nodarce; and in September of the same year she flew back to the US to finish her musical studies at the University only to move to Miami in early 2005 where her talent was accepted by producers like Lulo Perez (Alejandro Sanz) who featured her on background vocals for El Tren De Los Momentos, and began a series of concerts with her own band in Miami’s local live music scene like Hoy Como Ayer, the legendary Tobacco Road, Transit Lounge, and The Place where her audience was never less than a full house for every event!

Her sound is being identified uniquely and with much thought. Her songs are maturely written and composed and have a distinct sound that people can relate to which clearly shows by the immense response she has been given by the people who has heard her music. In the summer of 2008 she began a series of Concerts along Lulo’s visionary audiovisual project “Donde Se Cruzan Las Artes” (Where Arts Collide), and began to work with producer Simon Gomez in the album “Tu no me conoces”. She has kept on working as a studio singer for various pop producers, and songwriters, vocal couching, as well as collaborating with other writers.

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