Joanna Alina

FRESH: ‘Can’t Let Go’ – Joanna Alina

Joanna Alina “Can’t Let Go”

Singer Joanna Alina has been busy writing. Drawing on themes centred on nostalgia and memories of her own and her friends, she is back with a new single, “Can’t Let Go”. “Can’t Let Go” explores the anchoring sentiments of love and grief. The daily struggle of trying to move on from persistent memories you can’t let go off and the realisaton that you don’t want to.

Joanna started writing the song after having recurring dreams in which she would see her father and grandmother, childhood friends, old haunts, gathered around the dinner table, evoking a strong feeling of nostalgia through the soA tones and muted edges in the powerful production. At the time of writing the song, friends had lost their mothers and fathers. One of them had lost his life battling Covid19. The heartache and longing within “Can’t Let Go” to return to a safer time is palpable.

Joanna’s considered and persistent practice of writing and recording has seen her build a steady profile. Over the course of three singles, in as many years, Joanna has secured rota-on on internatonally syndicated radio programs such as Lopsided World Of L and domestically on Australia’s Good Morning Country. Her enchanting pop sound finding consistent editorial support online helping to develop streaming followers worldwide. The support from media reinforced by her performances throughout Melbourne, LA and London at the Loud in London Festival.

On “Can’t Let Go” and her next new singles, Joanna stripped back the music production that she previously explored on her earlier music and aimed to keep it pure and true to the moment of creation, when it was just her and her piano or guitar. Joanna Alina is due to release three more singles by the end of year each reflecting on a different perspective of nostalgia and the current state of political upheaval that forces us to learn from our past and to move on towards a brighter future.

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