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FRESH: ‘Bloo Feelings’ – Bloo Crane

Bloo Crane have “Bloo Feelings”!

The debut album of THE excellent Bloo Crane, with which Kayax signed a phonographic contract at the end of last year is out today! The album is titled “Bloo Feelings”, and with it the Summer music video for the newest, ‘danceable’ single, “Dancing”, was released. Bloo Crane is formed by singer Michał Polański and producer Krzysztof Kołodziejczyk. They are the next after the duo Rat Kru and the band Cukier, artists from the project for debutants My Name Is New, who signed a record deal with the Kayax label.

The result of this cooperation is the debut album “Bloo Feelings”, which is maintained in a danceable, electropop style. “‘Bloo Feelings’ is an energetic explosion of electronic sounds that move you to dance. Lyrically, however, it is a story about the feelings that each of us faces, self-acceptance, discovering our sexuality, frustration, or anxiety. “Bloo Feelings” is a journey through the whole spectrum of these emotions wrapped in dance pop colours. We want to show that none of us are alone in what we feel” – says Michał.

The premiere of the album is accompanied by publication of the second single, “Dancing”. The party track and video reflect the main goal of this single – to improve everyone’s mood. “While working on “Dancing” we wanted both music and lyrics to evoke positive emotions in our listeners. We also wanted it to close the album we called ‘Bloo Feelings’. That’s why in the chorus you can hear “I’m dancing, blue feelings away” adds Michał. The single and the album are now available on all streaming services, and additionally the album in physical version with the band’s autographs can be ordered.

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