Augusta Sky

FRESH: ‘Dreaming’ – Augusta Sky

Augusta Sky debut, “Dreaming”

Augusta Sky are a collective band formed with a group of friends in York, UK, influenced by artists such as Nile Rodgers, Jamiroquai and various Electronic Dance Acts. With session singers on each of their tracks, the main band consists of Steve Wilkinson on Keys, Paul Harrison on Bass Guitar, Matt Wynn on Drums (Roland V-Drums), and Josh Blackwell on Electric Guitar.

Their debut single release, “Dreaming”, produced by Steve Wilkinson, features vocals by Kymberley Kennedy and was mixed and mastered by DJ Nick Hussey. The band plan to release their second single, “Feelings”, in October 2020, followed by a new song every eight weeks through to the summer of 2021! We wish you luck and look forward to more exciting songs to follow…

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