Bethan John

FRESH: ‘Piece Of Gold’ – Bethan John

Bethan John debuts with “Piece Of Gold”

Bethan John is a 26 year old singer-songwriter from the Isle of Wight. Finding herself within her music, with the help of her co-writer Damon Edward-Ellis who she has been closely working with since last summer. Combing their love and passion for music to create their upcoming releases. “Piece Of Gold” is Bethan’s first single that was released in late January, a pop, electronic vibe with synth and ambient elements.

Beth released her second single, “By The Fireplace” released in March. She says “We are experimental with each song we create, we are not afraid to try out new sounds, we just go with what sounds right for that song, and how we feel when writing it”. Beth has subsequently released “To Die For” and her latest offering, “You And I”. Beth has been singing for over ten years and is currently putting the finishing touches to her debut EP, due out later this year. Beth tell us, and you to “Follow me on my music journey”. We will do that!

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