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FRESH: ‘Roll Of The Dice’ – King No-One

King No-One release “Roll Of The Dice”

Stepping up to take their rightful place amongst alt-pop royalty such as ​Everything Everything and ​Foals​, York three-piece ​King No-One​ have spent the past seven years turning heads and breaking hearts with their own inimitable brand of alternative indie-pop. Despite their northern roots, the group eschews the traditional grit of many of their contemporaries, opting instead toemphasise optimism and thus provide even their darkest offerings with a buoyancy that’s impossible to ignore.

Having built a remarkable live reputation including sold out UK tours, ​BBC Radio 1​ stageappearances at ​Reading ​and​ Leeds​ and drawing thousands of fans to the likes of ​Truck​ and Y-Not festival​, ​TRNSMT​ and ​Tramlines​, the band continue to use their platform to share the message they have shared since their first show: regardless of colour, gender, sexuality or financial status, No one is King, Everyone is born Equal. An ethos that has resonated tremendously amongst their LGBTQ+ fanbase. Having charted their debut EP “OOMM” in March 2019, reaching No.2 on the​ Indie Breakers Chart​ and No.21 on the​ Indie Chart ​with tracks featuring on the ​Spotify​ and ​Apple Music playlists such as New Music Friday,​ The Indie List ​and​ Best New Bands​, ​King No-One seem poised to reach even more impressive heights in 2020.

Indeed, having already released two exciting new records, they have also performed virtually for ​Radio 1’s Big Weekend ​and received impressive radio support from ​BBC Introducing, ​including ​​a​​ live set featured on ​BBCLook North​. Their latest single, “Roll Of The Dice”, ​​builds on previous success. Gorgeous​ vocal harmonies are matched perfectly against skittering percussion and piercing synths, while a pulsating bass and an unforgettable hook serve to propel the track to its conclusion. “Roll Of The Dice”​ explores the fundamental unpredictability of life and the element of chance that is so prevalent.

L​ead singer Zach explains, “​I’m nonchalantly addressing the circumstances of which I was born into and my so far ability to make something of my time here. Life is ultimately down to chance and where you may strive for a lifetime for something, another person may just fall into that by chance. This world is crazy, and sometimes you have to just accept that you can only do so much – the rest is a roll of the dice”.

While the distinctive sound of ​King No-One​, as heard in previous singles ​”Out Of My Mind” and “Not Willing To Sacrifice My Life”​ remains ​integral​, there is something refreshingly bold, self-assured and euphoric about ​”Roll Of The Dice”​. Indeed, the air of confidence and vibrancyit delivers is the perfect embodiment of ​King No-One’s​ core essence. A band who through puregrit, talent and drive have accumulated a huge fan base bonded by a shared message ofequality and epitomised by the ambitious nature of modern DIY culture.

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