Murdah SRVC

FRESH: ‘Icarus’ – Murdah SRVC

Murdah SRVC renew “Icarus”

Murdah SRVC rise up from Italy with Che as the singer-songwriter, illustrator and the band leader, Calti plays synths and takes care of programming and Silvio plays hybrid drums. The project started in 2017. Che wrote a plot for a manga and composed songs of its storyline. In a distopic scenario, Dike Service, a big pharm company, has been testing memory replacement devices on human beings. Ron has been suffering of terrible headaches, meeting Maya by chance will make him understand there’s more behind it and the reason why Maya call this Murdah SRVC.

Calti and Che met about five years before playing in other bands and decided to play together in this exciting project that puts together manga and electronic soul. In 2019 Silvo joined the band giving a more live feel to it. Murdah SRVC like to call their music Future Soul. Massive Attack, Portishead, The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, Sigur Ros, Chet Baker, SOHN are among their influences. They have played Culture Container, Berlin, Germany 2017, The Islington, London, UK 2017, Etna Comics Comic on, Catania, Italy 2018, New Skool Rules Festival, Rotterdam, The Netherlands 2019, Indiegeno Festival, Messina, Italy 2019 and Inca Rose, Osaka, Japan 2020

Their latest offering is a remix of their earlier track, “Icarus”. The group tell us: “This lockdown took away our daily grind, but gave us a gift at the same time. Che could focus on music and visuals much more than before. So he started giving new dresses to the song previously released. Che called producer, synth and sound designer Simone Liotta for a new version of “Icarus”. 80’s vibes, retro futurism, with some vaporwave and Daft Punk infuences gave the song a totally different feel”. Che, who wrote the song and Simone Liotta, who produced the remix, never met in real life. Even though they live in the same city, this record was made during lock down. So all communications happened via Facebook Messenger. Same thing for the video. Edited by Monika using 80’s anime Megazone 23.

Murdah SRVC add: “This is a song dedicated to those ones who’ve been told their whole life they weren’t destined to achieve anything great or even good, because they weren’t smart enough, cool enough, skinny enough. It’s away to say “FUCK OFF” and prove all these people wrong. “When I’ll run away from Low self-esteem city” is the best day of your life. And you must take a risk, and fly closer to the sun like ‘Icarus’. You might get burned or you might survive, but in the end it’s worth to try. It’s a declaration of war against those people that on a daily basis try to dimish yourself-esteem and enhance feelings of self-doubt or even self-hatred. It’s a song about taking a risk, with all the courage you have. You dare the sun by fying close to it, you might fall or you might win, nothing but growing pains”.

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