FRESH: ‘Pandora’s Box’ – Cressbrook feat. Jarryd West

Cressbrook open “Pandora’s Box”!

Cressbrook is the brain child of West Australian songwriters/producers Matt Riley and Justin Martins. The two have been writing together since 2018 on the back of a publishing deal with 120 Publishing, based in Sydney. With releases through other artists such as WasteLand and Sydnee Carter, Cressbrook are an outfit capable of taking a song from start to finish, all in house. Cressbrook is their songwriting outlet, where they can explore ideas and bring their creative spark to fruition.

The two songwriter/producers from Perth have just added a new track, “Pandora’s Box”, to their growing collection along with rising artist Jarryd West. Jarryd is the vocalist on “Pandora’s Box”, and culminates in a dream for Matt and Justin, who heard Jarryd busking and wanted to write a song to fit his voice. Cressbrook are most known for producing and songwriting for a wide variety of other artists, this release represents them wanting to do there own thing finally.

Recorded in Matts dingy appartment in West Perth, all produced written and recorded in the same room. The pair wanted to make aggressive hooky pop song, something that has the energy of going into war! The song is about looking back on a failed relationship, at the faults of the partner, but also the faults with how Jarryd viewed the relationship. “Its quite dark and powerful”, Cressbrook tell us! And it certainly is that. Enjoy!

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