FRESH: ‘Breakup Sex’ – Duchess

Duchess ‘drops’ “Breakup Sex”!

London based singer/songwriter Duchess has dropped he latest single, “Breakup Sex”. With this release, she also announces news of her debut EP, “Bad Girl”, which will be out in early 2021, with “Breakup Sex” being the first track taken from the project. The EP will boast a variety of songs and themes driven from a strong female’s POV.

Speaking of the release, Duchess explains: “I felt like this was the perfect single to announce my debut EP, as this song best represents the artist that I am becoming. The EP will explore sexuality, dominance, vulnerability, power and everything that makes you BAD – in the best way of course!”. This electro-pop banger contains a heavy dose of sexual energy, and drips with lustful desire. Teaming up with co-writer and producer Patch Boshell, the pair’s chemistry in the studio is on show once again as Duchess’ impressive vocal performance and sultry melodies are skilfully set to Patch’s explosive dark-pop production, resulting in a catchy and sexy vibe.

Duchess enlightens us further: “We are such a strong team when we create together, and the process is such an enjoyable experience. We both understand what I want to deliver in my music and this track came about through us exploring different narratives”. Lyrically, Duchess pulls much from her relationship experiences and “Breakup Sex” is no exception. Duchess adds: “It’s based on a previous experience of mine where the foundations of our whole relationship revolved around the sexual chemistry and nothing else. The narrative of wanting to leave someone but being sucked back into this immense sexual chemistry, is something we all have or know someone who has experienced this in life”.

“Breakup Sex” follows her previous single, “Close”, which kicked off a series of releases from the rising pop starlet this year. To date, Duchess has released five original singles and has also written for a variety of artists, with one of those tracks gaining a premiere with Billboard.com and amassing over one million streams. Her single “Breathe” was created to help raise awareness for domestic violence cases and she champions the importance of expression from a strong and confident female’s POV in her music, tackling issues such as bullying, body image and mental health. “Breakup Sex” represents a new chapter in Duchess’ journey, as she looks forward to more collaborations, releases and visual content in the lead up to her debut EP in 2021.

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