FRESH: ‘L.A.M.E.’ – Naëve

Naëve is NOT “L.A.M.E.”!

Hailing from Potenza, a town in the South of Italy, Naëve haa been infatuated with music since she was in her mother’a womb, when the only thing that would keep her from continuously kicking was the sound of her dad playing harmonica. It wasn’t till she first heard “Hound Dog” that she essentually took her first steps and at only three, when all little girls want is playing with dolls, she asked Santa Claus for a pink turntable, a microphone toy and a little Roland keyboard instead!

At sixteen, Naëve finally took her first singing lessons, which lead her to study Opera at her hometown’s Consevatiore for two years and subsequently won a scholarship at the CET, the prestigious school founded by the legendary Italian music lyriciat Mogol. Following her graduation, she decided to take her chance in the British capital, studying first at the Tech Music School, and then getting a degree in Modern Music at the well-known BIMM, where she got to sing with widely acclaimed tutora such as Femi Temowo (Amy Winehouse), David Laudat (Spice Girls) and Simon Carter (Jamiroquai).

Always eager to experiment with all music genres, Naëve formed her first rock band Bleeding Velvet while still in Italy, and later in London, The Phoenix, a heavy metal band who, originally started as a Unitraity project, ended up being quite successful and got to play reputable venues like 93 Feet East, Water Rata and The Horn. But Naëve soon realised that it was time for her to embark on her own solo adventure. Recently joined by a 10 piece Big Band for the Yamaha London ‘Blues & Boogie Future Stars’ competition for the chance to win an opening alot for Jools Holland, Naëve is headed to the prestigious competition ‘Premio Mia Martini’ in Italy in September.

Working at the release of her second single during the aummer (titled “L.A.M.E.”) that talks about self worth and empowerment against other people’s perceptions. Musically speaking, is a mix of Old School R&B, Reggae and Ska. Naëve starts from the instinctive desire to escape the daily routine, breaking the rules in search of happiness on our own terms and questioning our aurea with auto-irony, which in such a hectic, competitive society, is the only way. The name originates from a combination of the term “naive” and that almost childish ingenuity of looking at things for the first time with endearing excitement, and “Eve” and the origins of Creation.

Naëve is a modern Alice in Wonderland. She is the innocent eyes of a child that sees the world with optimism in spite of everything. Naëve’s music is unbelievably unique and impossible to categorise into any genre. Influenced by Aretha Franklin (her absolute muse when it comes to singing), Jania Joplin, Stevie Wonder, Chuck Berry, Amy Winehouse, Freddy Mercury (whose solo single “Living On My Own” was the first song she remembers rabidly consuming as a kid) and the films of Tim Burton scored by Danny Elfman. “Seventeen Beauty Queen”, one of the singles that will be shortly released from the upcoming self-titled EP, is about the puberty confusion that occaaionally re-emerges later on in life every time we can’t make up our mind. It tells the story of a teenager girl forced to become a beauty queen, with all the constraints. But is it really worth doing what the society imposes or is it better to rebel and go your own way?

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