FRESH: ‘Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is’ – Le Fil

Le Fil Returns With An All-mighty Bang

Le Fil is a London LGBTQ artist who is taking the globe by storm with his nail-biting melodies and vocal charm.

Here we review his latest track ‘Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is’ and it is everything which you would come to expect from an artist of his caliber.

The new track follows a similar direction to his previous hit ‘Undercover Lover’, but it also uses a unique variety of sounds which makes it a remarkable refresher for these warm summer days. It kicks off with an energetic drum beat which gets the hips grooving instantly. The drums take the focal point for the most of the intro before a piano lead greets us which reminds me of 70s rock, similar to early ‘Elton John’ releases.

Vocally, Le Fil gets underway in the verse with a strong and powering performance. He gets his message across from the moment he opens up, and he sings with genuine assurance. The track is all about having a lover who potentially never lives up to the expectation. They are always hiding or doing something paradoxical to what they mention. I relish how he has taken us down a road which many of us will be familiar with, and his conspicuous manner vocally is difficult to fault.

The chorus picks up the pace, and this is where the authentic pop flavour lets rip. It stands out with its bold driving force, and it leaves us wanting more. Luckily, we do get the goods again further down the track with the singer unleashing another unforgettable vocal performance which pushes the record into pop stardom as it progresses towards the finishing line.

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