Deliberately provocative

Music should be the weapon of the people!

MiG 15 began when James McCluskey was a teenager growing up in San Diego, inspired by the fighter jets
coming and going from the military bases there.

After finishing school, he moved back to Liverpool and was introduced by
Ann Heston (wife of the late Alan Wills – Deltasonic) to the former Dustland singer, Adam Bray, which is when things really started to take off.

It wasn’t until 2019, after nearly two years of writing songs that the pair felt they were ready to unleash their timeless blend of powerful electro indie upon the world.

After some experimentation with the live sound, James Morris on guitar, and Martin Gordon on Drums, were added to the complete the line up.

2020 is rubbish. So forget about it for 3 minutes with MiG 15’s excellent new single “Cowboys & Indians” and remember playing as a child; watching old western movies and pretending to be the heroes.

Guys – tell us the story behind ‘Cowboys & Indians’…

MiG 15 recently told us more about the story behind the lyrics to ‘Cowboys & Indians’.

We love hearing the background to the songs we include on our playlists from the artist’s perspective.

Have a listen to MiG15’s ‘Playlist Story‘ and if you would like to know more about other artist’s stories then you can watch them here.

MiG 15 is a deliberately provocative symbol of Cold War. It hasn’t gone away… it’s gone digital! Lying politicians are still manipulating the masses, and now they have even more tools and media to do it with. Music should be the weapon of the people, but in a post-truth world, even that is struggling to break through.

Despite everything it’s been a great 2020 for the band. Now that you know them take a listen to their previous single ‘Interstellar’ but treat yourself to hearing it live on BBC Music Introducing…

MiG 15 are set to bring their twisted 80s indie/pop vibe into 2020 and to the ears of their new following. If all goes well, they’ll follow in the footsteps of Zuzu and The Mysterines and secure a space on the next NME 100 list.

bido lito

Already working with producers such as Rich Turvey of Blossoms fame, and Tord Knudsen from The Wombats, and having completed major tours supporting OMD in the UK and Europe, the bands fan base has been growing at a rapid pace.

If you only listen to one new band today, make sure it’s MiG 15!

Watch this space for more news about the band in future months.

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