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FRESH: ‘Nobody’ – Blow Pop

Blow Pop are not “Nobody”

“Nobody” is out now and Blow Pop couldn’t be more excited! It is a dancy, disco pop follow-up to their first single, “Put You Down”, which is streaming on all major platforms (and the accompanying music video is flying to the top of YouTube’s most viewed list). Blow Pop are a young and powerful pop duo. Born with​in the collective mind of Bubble​ and ​Xantham ​​(lead singers, producers, songwriters)​, this pair utilises a sonicpalette both old and refreshingly new.

With the release of their debut song and video, “Put You Down”, Blow Pop is face-to-face with their greatest challenge yet: enormous fame. Their new single, “Nobody”, shines a new light on the young duo, highlighting their pop energy and arrangement capabilities. It is sure to make you, at the very least, sway back and forth in your office chair, a disco experience like no other.

Bubble and Xantham are two Detroit artists with nothing to lose. Their sound is electric, their style eclectic, and they’re here to literally conquer the world. Bubble was born in the humble town of Lexington, KY, where she discovered her love for Pop and Disco through artists such as Loretta Lynn, Tom Petty, and Beethoven. A participant in exotic sports, Bubble developed an athleticism that can only be described as ‘stage-ready’. She will hoop, twirl, rock, freak, and belt her way into the hearts of billions. Will she enter yours?

Xantham hails from Baltimore, MD, where he cut his teeth in the Baltimore Buttrock scene, covering artists from Pearl Jam to Creed. A guitarist by trade, Xantham is also a lover by trade. This tenderness is abundantly clear in his brooding onstage presence, and expressive use of Waves plugins. His production will leave you aghast, mouth-gaping, wondering where it all went wrong and why it feels so right. Sure, the world was made in seven days, but Xantham was made in 26 years.

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