FRESH: ‘Silence’ – DAMM

DAMM debuts with…“Silence”!

DAMM has released her first single, “Silence”. Born in the Netherlands but pursuing a music career in London, the artist has been working on her new image and songs since 2017. With a lot of experience under her belt, such as syncs in MTV’s Awkward and ABC’s Switched at Birth, she is now back with a new sound and a new image. This is the first single of her upcoming EP.

About the new track DAMM tells us: Whilst being in lockdown I got so inspired by the silence around me that I had to make a new track of it. ‘Silence’ is about trying to stay in the moment, withdrawing from the world or a certain situation for a matter of time to find inner silence within yourself and to listen to your deepest feelings. It has given me a very clear mind where I want to go and taught me that the only thing I have to be is me and to stay true to myself”.

DAMM is the alias of Amsterdam native vocalist and songwriter Marleen Wegdam. Half way her career and successes she needed a change and moved to London in 2017. She used the city’s dark and rough, yet pure backdrop as inspiration to shake up and re-invent her creative approach. Both her sound and raw lyrics are a direct result of transitioning to a new, vibrant life where the unexpected is the norm. Producer Zaplin helped push her to find a unique style that embodies a sonic battle between light and shade, packed with catchy melodies, piercing drum sounds and rumbling basses.

Her fresh sound has been influenced by contemporary R&B/ Pop as well as underground ambient music. DAMM’s previous tracks have caught the attention of music supervisors in both the UK and the US and have appeared in the likes of ITV’s Love Island, MTV’s Awkward and Degrassi, ABC’s Switched at Birth and Blockbuster movie Barely Lethal, starring Jessica Alba and Samuel L. Jackson.

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