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FRESH: ‘Better Late Than Never’ – Garrette & Axel

Garrette & Axel release their debut EP, “Better Late Than Never”

Garrette Simmonds and Axel Jed Alinsub have come together to make music. They have just released their debut EP, “Better Late Then Never”, a mixture of Dancehall, Reggae, Pop and R&B music. The pair met at an Indie concert in New York City and have performed at the Santacruzan Festival in Jersey City and the Real Radio show in Long Island City. The duo tell us: “We were blessed enough to perform on the same stage as Wonder Mike from the Sugar Hill gang”.

The EP was recorded in Manhattan, New York. It was inspired by their individual heart breaks, fantasies and the pursuit of peace/happiness. The song, “Beautiful”, is a reggae pop single about being in love with a beautiful girl that just might “be the death of you” while “Your love” is an R&B song that is about being crazily in love/addicted to some one to the point, that it might become unhealthy.

“Ooh La La La” is a provocative song that speaks about the fantasy of having a 3some(!) “Letting Go” is about closing that chapter on a relationship that has become toxic. And last but not least, “Escape” an uplifting song. After all this heart break, sometimes we all need a little escape from the craziness of life to regroup.

Since forming, Garrette & Axel have received a sponsorship from FIAT USA via Reverbnation due to being placed in the top 10 for pop music in the FIAT USA Band prix competition for their song “Letting Go”. The sponsorship provided world wide digital distribution with major digital distributors and a Electronic Press Kit. The boys add: “‘Better Late Than Never’ we believe that the quote basically sums up how we feel. Our time will come even though it might be late”. You decide…

For more about Garrette & Axel, check out their BANDCAMP page and their FACEBOOK page

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