Jacob Cullum

FRESH: ‘Fall For’ – Jacob Cullum

Jacob Cullum is one to “Fall For”

With a background in church music, theatre and pop punk, singer-songwriter Jacob Cullum harnesses the knack for soulful tune crafting. A producer and multi-instrumentalist, Jacob is anchored in his Americana roots, but that hasn’t stopped his experimenting with new sounds. In the likes of Lewis Capaldi and Matthew Thiessen, his new single, “Fall For”, puts Jacob’s vulnerable vocal and intimate lyrics front and centre.

Wrapped in the simplest, yet most evocative piano you’ve heard on a song, it’s a true delight to listen to. It’s obvious Jacob draws inspiration from across the musical gamut as you enjoy a journey through his catalogue. Surely, you’ll be stirred to sing along—or at least move your hips to this new artist with a lot of potential.

We spoke to Jacob recently and he told us all about himself, his music and so much more…

“I love writing songs and making music. It’s where I feel most alive. I’m constantly inspired by other humans, sounds and experiences and my aim is to create authentic tunes that make you feel. I believe music is the most spiritual, artistic way to share stories and bring people together. I’m on staff at Church of the Resurrection in Kansas City as a worship leader and songwriter. Last winter, I was featured on “Heaven Roared”, an advent song I wrote and performed with our COR Worship Collective. This season has inspired me to create more and push myself as an artist. I’ve made use of my time through this unfortunate pandemic; learning, practicing and growing. My creative juices began to flow and I released four singles over two months this Summer. Maybe it’s my ADHD – I think I got excited(!), but I know I have to be better about timing and packaging of my future releases (which will come before the New Year)”.

“Fall For” is a lush, tender piano ballad which showcases Jacob’s vocal dexterity whilst delivering its simple message…”let’s take a chance, let’s not ignore”. It’s only in the final 30 seconds that the song comes alive as a drummer adds to the intensity of Jacob’s wish that “you’re the one I wanna fall for”. Make sure you check out Jacob’s latest offering, “Done With Me Yet”, a cool, guitar-based number with a gentle breeze running through it’s core, perfect for a Summer evening as the sun sets…

For more about Jacob, check out his BANDCAMP page and his FACEBOOK page

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