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FRESH: ‘Pilgrim’ (Jim Hickey Remix) – Alexandra Alden

Alexandra Alden and Jim Hickey team up to remix “Pilgrim”

Folk singer and X Factor Malta judge Alexandra Alden has joined forces with Maltese-American music producer Jim Hickey to remix her most recent single, “Pilgrim”. The collaboration began while Alden and Hickey were in lockdown in the Netherlands and Germany, respectively, and is a first for the singer-songwriter as it aims to lead Alden into a new era of more radio-friendly sound.

To Alden’s “Pilgrim”, which is a song that explores the journey a person takes towards finding awakening, be it spiritual or physical, Hickey has added more up-beat rhythms that work incredibly well with Alden’s voice. The looser, more organic feel made with real instruments and synths now gives the song a more mainstream feel, while retaining all the power of the original, particularly its lyrics.

“I’ve wanted to hear my music in a different way for a long time” Alexandra explains. “That is why I’d been looking for someone to do remixes with and the moment I heard Jim’s latest song, ‘Love In Rewind’, I knew we had to collaborate”. Jim Hickey, who is based in Berlin and has worked on music by Australia’s Joshua Teicher, as well as bands Finn and FanGirls in Germany, was only too happy to oblige: “Alex’s voice and music making techniques are incredible. Indeed, the remix just literally poured out of me the moment I sat down to work on it”.

The duo will now be meeting in Malta to perform live renditions of the “Pilgrim” (Jim Hickey Remix), as well as to work towards other future collaborations.

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