SPOTLIGHT: Raymond Revel

American Singer-Songwriter With Authentic Sound

Genuine. Relatable. Joyous.

Raymond Revel is an American Singer-Songwriter originally from Burbank, California.

While his music is now on the rise, music is not something that is unfamiliar to him.

Raymond started out by playing the piano by ear at 5 years old, and he was writing full songs by the age of 11.

Through the years, Raymond has served as a background singer for Demi Lovato, Pharrell, and Little Big Town of episodes of The Voice, The Jingle Ball and for the American Music Awards.

Additionally, Raymond has performed as the lead singer in a band, has led multiple a cappella groups, and of course performs as his own solo act.

However, beyond Raymond’s experience, it is his sound and approach to music that makes him unique.

Raymond utilizes various raw and synthetic instrumentation to create a joyous and authentic sound and focuses on storytelling with his songs – his lyrics are not overly complex, and are easily relatable to listeners of all ages.

People long to hear a genuine sound when they listen to music, and that is exactly what you get when you listen to his musical stories.

In searching for the “awe and wonder” of the world, this is what fuels the ‘End Of The World’ forward, and Revel is able to show off some spectacular creativity in this piece.

Raymond – tell us the story behind ‘End Of The World’…

Rayond recently told us more about the story behind the lyrics to ‘End Of The World’.

We love hearing the background to the songs we include on our playlists from the artist’s perspective.

Have a listen to Raymond’s ‘Playlist Story‘ and if you would like to know more about other artist’s stories then you can watch them here.

“I hope people connect to this tune. I tried very hard to make it artistic and lush, and I do think this message will come across. I think this song has some major potential and I am excited to see what waves it can make.”

Raymond Revel has a history of singer-songwriter releases, with his number one single, “Sunrise” having been featured for four consecutive months on Spotify’s “Discover Weekly” playlist.

“Raymond Revel is like a young Ed Sheeran. His songs are relatable and raw, and once he builds a platform for people to hear his creativity, he will be a major force among songwriters”

Andrew Bender, music digital sales & marketing associate

Raymond Revel is on the rise, and he is most definitely an artist to keep an eye out for.

Watch this space for more news about Raymond in future months.


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