FRESH: ‘Miss That Mind’ – Toyqueens

Toyqueens debut with “Miss That Mind”

Toyqueens is the new music project of songwriter and producer Ric T James. Rick has been writing and recording for years in various projects and has built a studio with his friend and put together a small run record label, called Plastic Kings Records. Toyqueens main influences are bleachers, EDEN and the 1975. The original concept for the name started when Rick wanted to create a girl pop group to manage. He instantly fell in love with there name and built it around that, and took it for himself basically.

‘Their’ debut single, “Miss That Mind”, was recorded in Brighton in Rick’s own back garden studio, then mixed and mastered by fellow producer Lewis Amoroso. The song deals with….girl problems! “Miss That Mind” also mainly explores Rick’s self and parts of him not anymore, addiction, bad/good habits, that sorta thing! Rick tells us: I want too explore every aspect of my self, both in skill and understanding emotions as I trail through life”. Good luck with that!

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