Ben Kidson

FRESH: ‘(When I) Runaway’ – Ben Kidson

This is what Ben Kidson does “(When I) Runaway”

Ben Kidson is a self- made ‘Punk Pop’ man. Combining pop and punk is no easy feat. Arguably, the two are mutually exclusive. This hasn’t stopped Ben Kidson, though. An indie and punk fan who at a young age was enlisted as a writer by a major label, Ben was just as alienated by the restrictions of the pop scene as he was by the ‘self-righteous’ attitude of the punk scene.

Isolating himself from both, he sought out a ‘new sound’ by hiding away in an airBnB in Appledore, Devon. Emerging from this isolation, he brought with him a new set of songs, trying to combine the distortion and de-tuned guitar sound of punk with pop choruses and drum sounds. Since the self-release of his first single, Ben has racked up over 200,000 streams on Spotify alone.

His music has been played in BBC’s ‘Killing Eve’, and ITV’s ‘Sticks & Stones’, as well has having his song ‘Money’ used as the soundtrack to skincare brand The INKEY List’s ‘Knowledge is Your Power’ campaign. Ben’s latest single, “(When I) Runaway”, has just been released and is a perfect slice of brighteness and energy which stops and starts. There are moments of intimacy and moments of musical joy. See your yourself…

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