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FRESH: ‘I Didn’t Know’ – Hillary Capps

Hillary Capps says “I Didn’t Know”

“I Didn’t Know” is the latest single off of alternative pop singer/songwriter Hillary Capps’ forthcoming full-length album, ​”The Way Back Home​”, which is produced by ​John Roberts​.

Hillary talked to us recently and about the story behind the song: “I wrote this song following the 2016 shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando. I was deeply saddened and impacted by this event and couldn’t shake the idea of losing someone so unexpectedly, before their time. We’re only here briefly. I wrote the ballad as a reminder to myself and others to tell the people we love how much they mean to us, while we are able”.

“I wanted to release the song now as a single”, Hillary continues, “because it’s taken on a new meaning for me with everything that is happening in the world. So, I dedicate it not only to the families of those lost in the Florida shooting four years ago, but to all of the families impacted by COVID-19, to the families of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Elijah McClain and the countless other black lives that have been lost unjustly and really to anyone who may need this song. My hope in sharing it now is that it offers some peace, solace, connection and solidarity”.

The New York based singer-songwriter ​combines thoughtful lyricism with clean, soaring vocals and catchy melodies – captivating audiences with her alluring alternative pop songs. “The Way Back Home” is her second album and follows her 2014 debut, “The Wishing Forest”. Hillary has already showcased three tracks from the project, including the title track, in her 2020 EP, “Waxing Moon”. Since her first single, “New Melody”, in 2013, Hillary notably wrote and performed on the song “Movie Picture Soundtrack” with producer Anthony Farina in 2016. Originally from Vermont and raised in a musical family, Hillary began performing with numerous jazz groups at weddings and events around New England at age 16.

After relocating to New York City for college, she released a full-length album of jazz standards, “A Perfect Dozen”, in 2008. In 2010, Hillary released “Playlist”, an album of covers and joined the rock band Cheers To Fall shortly thereafter. Hillary Capps formed her own band during her senior year at The New School, releasing an EP titled “Maybe In The Morning”, a true reflection of her musical inspiration. She cites her influences and favourite artists from Adele, Katy Perry, Coldplay, Maroon 5, Norah Jones, Lady Gaga, Damien Rice, Marina and the Diamonds, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Beck, Bon Iver, Radiohead, Joni Mitchell, Ray Charles, Ella Fitzgerald, The Beatles and many others!

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