Charles and Eddie

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Charles and Eddie

Go back to the 90’s, and there was a duo that topped the charts with their debut single. Trust me. Would I lie to you?(!)

Charles Pettigrew (b.1963) and Eddie Chacon (b.1963) met on the New York subway in 1990 and began harmonising together straight away. They signed to Capitol Records in 1992 and released their first single, “Would I Lie To You?” that August. The song went to the top of the charts in six countries including the UK, were it became the third biggest seller of the year. It made No.13 in America and was a top ten in a further twelve countries.

“Would I Lie To You?” was the first cut from their debut album, “Duophonic”, released soon after, that peaked at No.19 in the UK, but fared less well Stateside, where it stopped at No.153. It featured three other tracks that were released as singles, “NYC (Can You Believe This City?)” (UK No.33), “House Is Not A Home” (UK No.29) and “Shine”, a top three hit in France.

The pair returned in 1995 with their second album, “Chocolate Milk”, which included the UK hit single “I’m Gonna Love You (24-7-365)” and “Jealousy”. The album also featured the song “Wounded Bird”, which had featured in the 1993 film ‘True Romance’. Charles and Eddie also contributed to the soundtracks of ‘Addams Family Values’ and ‘Super Mario Bros.’. After just two albums, the pair went their sperate ways in 1997.

Eddie left the music business to concentrate on photography, while Charles toured with new wave band Tom Tom Club in 1998. Sadly, he fell ill that year with cancer and died on 6th April 2001, aged just 37 years old.

But, in 2020, after 25 years away, Eddie Chacon made his return with a brand new single, “My Mind Is Out Of Its Mind”, taken from his first solo album, “Pleasure, Joy and Happiness”. Make sure you check it out…!

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