Get this party started

COVER vs ORIGINAL: ‘Get This Party Started’

The song, “Get This Party Started”, was originally recorded by P!NK in 2001

Call to the floor anthem, “Get This Party Started”, was the first single to be released from US singer P!NK’s second studio album, “Missundaztood”, in October 2001. The song was written and produced by Linda Perry (b.1965), one of the 4 Non Blondes and was a huge global success, topping the chart in nine countries and gaining Gold status in America and the UK.

You wouldn’t have thought it possible for “Get This Party Started” to be covered, but six years later, it was, and it could only be a titan of such magnitude to take on P!NK to do so. Britain’s Dame Shirley Bassey (b.1937) recorded the song for a TV commercial and released it as a single, making No.47 on the UK chart and No.3 on the US dance chart.

But whose version is the best? P!NK’s original or DAME SHIRLEY’s cover?

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