Nicole Chambers

FRESH: ‘I’m Fine’ – Nicole Chambers

Nicole Chambers says “I’m Fine”

Introducing an essential new voice on the R&B scene, Nicole Chambers is the self-proclaimed perfectionist who after three years of work is ready to release a collection of skilled, emotive and honest songs in her upcoming album. Released via Escape Tracks Records, “I’m Fine” is a simmering slice of classic R&B, swerving soul and a warm production that sets the tone for the rest of Chambers’ work.

Nicole tells us: “‘I’m Fine’ is about me suppressing my emotions. I walk around telling everybody that I’m fine, in a high pitched voice followed with a huge grin on my face, when in reality I am not. The inspiration came from my group of friends as I started noticing they were doing it too. We are so called pros at pretending that we are handling everything so well, when we clearly aren’t”.

Nicole adds: “Yes, our emotions are heavy and messy but without them we wouldn’t be able to clear so many blocks. I feel my generation is slowly realizing that, It’s okay to not be okay, it’s okay to suffer from anxiety and depression, but it’s not ok to suppress your thoughts and feelings”.

Nicole is a Canadian songwriter making music that speaks of truth, love and self growth. Raised by the sounds of gospel via church, she never considered music as a career until a high school teacher encouraged her to pursue it, taking a leap of faith she went to college to study jazz. With a new set of refined technical and songwriting skills, she felt much more confident stepping into music, reflected on her debut EP How Could I Forget. Since then, Chambers has emerged onto Toronto’s R&B scene by collaborating with various producers and artists building a loyal community of fans around her music.

Nicole’s upcoming album release, “Voice Of A Virgo”, presents a body of work three years in the making. A dreamy, soul-filled ride influenced by the lyricism of Jill Scott and artistry of Erykah Badu, Chambers waxes and wanes about the rollercoasters of life and love. The ten-track project embodies the traditional sounds of classic R&B and, in true Virgo fashion, the artist kept tweaking it in a strive for perfection. Finally satisfied, she feels it’s a true reflection of who she is. Nicole concludes: “I know my ability to sing is a gift and I’m lucky to have it. ‘Voice Of A Virgo’ is like my inner spirit saying be true to you”.

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