FRESH: ‘Pepsi’ – Ettie

Ettie asks for a “Pepsi”

Ettie is an up and coming singer-songwriter from London, who drinks a lot of wine has a lot of feelings. She infuses classic pop-punk melodies with personal, storytelling narratives. Her unique sound coupled with her background in English Literature allows for an immersive sonic experience, using word play and allusion to bring her songs to life.

Her latest single, “Pepsi”, is self-written and produced by Charles Westropp in his studio. The song is a highly influenced by 80s synth-pop to bring a classic delivery to a classic story. “Pepsi” is ettie’s pop fantasy. She turns towards commercial from her classic pop-punk roots to establish herself as a true alt-pop artist.

The song is about not having a dazzling connection with someone, but deciding to go with it anyway; like when you ask for a Coke in a restaurant and they ask if Pepsi is okay? It’s not exactly what you ordered but it’s a start! Because production of “Pepsi” was discussed during lockdown, the drums on the track were inspired by voice notes Ettie (who knows nothing about the inner-workings of drums) would send Charles at midnight after thinking of a good riff.

Her first single, “Fast Cars And Airplanes”, went on to get radio play on BBC Scotland, and great blog acclaim. Her second single, “Softboi”, showcased the sharp, witty side to her songwriting. With her third single, “Hello, I’ve Got Anxiety”, Ettie stripped back her classic alt-pop/pop-punk sound, to write a song that provided people with a soundtrack to their mental health during the trying times of lockdown.

Ettie has played many London venues (PROUD, Nambucca, Slaughtered Lamb), supporting acts like Calvin Rodgers, BBC Scotland radioplay with first single “Fast Cars And Airplanes”. She has supported LA-singer Andres at the Slaughtered Lamb with a newly broken foot, and said when she got on stage, “someone told me to break a leg, and I’m not one to mess around!”. She counts as her influences Paramore, Avril Lavigne, Pale Waves, 80s synth pop, Kim Wilde, Patti Smith and L Devine to name a few.

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