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FRESH: ‘Blue Eyes’ – Jodi Valentin

Jodi Valentin sings about “Blue Eyes”

Jodi Valentin is an American Pop artist, often found singing heartfelt, story-based ballads behind a piano. Although she was born in Brooklyn, New York, she identifies herself as a multi-cultured woman who has traveled the world. While music is her first passion, she’s found joy in learning languages beyond English, and listens to music of other cultures.

While her most obvious influence is Taylor Swift, her current artists in rotation are Lauv and Fletcher and old-time classics like Stevie Wonder, Queen and Elton John. She’s been fortunate enough to work under the thumb of Roger Waters of Pink Floyd during an Internship program at Soundtrack Studios. Her mentors Nick Sansano and Bob Power encouraged her to reach out to big time producers like David Kahne, in which he ended up co-producing her single “The Radio”.

Fortunately, she also sat beside at NYU Clive Davis, where they’d critique each others songwriting. Currently, UK blogs and radio stations have shown tremendous interest in Jodi Valentin, and she will be performing in her first international concert on September 10th through the Sofa Sessions. Daily, her music is getting added to playlists like “Sundays Best” by Celimbo76 and “Indie Music Women.

Jodi new single, “Blue Eyes”, follows on from her other 2020 releases “Too Soon” and “Ghost”. Jodi made her debut in 2015 with the single “For The Movies” and has three more to her name since. At 26 years old, the Manhattan based singer says by her own admission she “Draws from fantasy and romantic relationships to write; mysterious, strong-minded, flirty, and seductive songs”! Let’s hope ol “Blue Eyes” approves…!

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