FRESH: ‘Timeless’ – Brioni

Brioni releases “Timeless”

Brioni is a singer, a painter and a dreamer. Quite a job title! She likes to combine music and art embracing her chromesthesia: painting is not a copy of what Brioni hears; rather, when she listens to music, she perceives more colourful textures than she normally perceives and is able to depict them in a painting. This process allows her to expand boundaries of music performances going deeper, mixing imagination, colours, words, sounds and emotions.

Brioni is solo on stage playing her paintings as an electronic drum. She teamed up with Treedom to give them 50% of her profit to plant trees all over the world. Brioni is creating a forest made of art and music with her followers. Water is the leading element which inspires her the most because it has the power to transform, staying always honest to itself. As Lao Tzu said “Remember: what is soft is strong”.

Brioni’s new single is quite literally “Timeless”. It’s her third single of 2020, the follow up to “In My Garden” and “Manifest”. Brioni’s musc career began in 2015 with “6 U (6 Underground)” and has seen her ‘paint’ a collection of six canvasses since. Her artworks were exhibited in London, Rome and Venice while Brioni was featured in Biennale of Venice 2019. Her music videos have a total YouTube count of more than 20,000 views.

Italian-English producer Lee Oakley showcases his love for retro sounds on every production he touches. From the bucolic and nordic 80’s vibe of STORME, to the punch and eclecticism of Brioni, Oakley always manages to tie the past with the present. On ‘Timeless’, colossal drums meet with mellow soundscapes, delivering a diverse and picturesque track that don’t belong there but neither here. An ode to uniquity, truly lost in time. “Timeless”, as some would say!

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