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FRESH: ‘Infamous Kiss’ – Anna Mae Kelly

Anna Mae Kelly has an “Infamous Kiss”!

Usually we write these reviews and press releases, but this time, the artist them self wrote to us and we simply couldn’t refuse! So here it is, from Anna Mae Kelly herself!

Where do I start? Being 14 isn’t exactly like a dream, or something out of a movie, it’s boring, hard and quite frankly the most uninteresting part of the teenage ladder. I began writing “Infamous Kiss” at 14. It was a quick burst of emotion after a slow day at school. At 14 I was still struggling with bullying so writing finished songs and moving to the next was extremely hard, especially when there was a constant river or emotions flowing through my mind. So, I left the start of the song and did not come back to it for a year.

A year later we were tasked to write a song in GCSE music. By then, a hard year had gone by and writing songs had become breathing at this point. And from that sentence you can only imagine the times an artist goes through when in a single year they write 26 songs. I began to scroll through my notes and fell back on the barely started melody and a few block chords. Sat hunched in the practice room of my old school I began to work around the melody.

Keeping the song as close to the feeling I felt the year before. I am sorry to say I cannot disclose the reasoning behind that song but interpret with the story what you will. The lines can fit in with multiple situations bit follows the popular theme of cheating, breakups, regret and reminiscing on past love. Referring back to the fact I’m 17 and I don’t want to sell this forward anymore then I already am but writing lyrics at 14-15 with no true experience of what it felt like to really love someone confuses even myself to this day.

I have been the ear to many of my friends’ problems and I’m sure many of us will know what it’s like to intake someone else’s problems, so with full guided permission wrapping my friends’ problems into songs was a great way to advance in writing. I can only truly say I’ve experienced my first true heartbreak this year and to listen to a song I wrote a couple of years back really pushes my emotion forward on how much the lyrics mean to me now compared to then So to the heartbroken lovers, the people reminiscing on those glass breaking moments or the smile that set in a little too deep.

This is my gift to you

“Infamous Kiss”

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