Jay Morgan

FRESH: ‘Come Back Home’ – Jay Morgan

Jay Morgan debuts with “Come Back Home”

Jay Morgan believes at 38 year of age, he’s started his music career too old! Well, judging by the sound and outstanding quality of his first release, “Come Back Home”, he’s clearly taken his time to produce something very special. And it shows. Jay comes from Leeds and has been a singer/entertainer performing around the UK in WMC, holiday parks Butlins, Havens and Casinos etc. We spoke to Jay recently about himself and the song, and this is what he tolde us:

“So what happened during this pandemic I started writing lyrics to an instrumental and I decide to show people live on my bigo live account this song I wrote. Well, the live show came alive asking me where to purchase the track and how can they get it for themselves. On disk or by streaming it. So that gave me drive to carry on writing lyrics and now because of this I’ve been and recorded “Come Back Home” in the studio and I’m really pleased to say im ready to release it to the world”.

“This song is just a great first single by me and everyone who has heard it so far loves it it so much. When the pandemic struck the world it changed including my own. I had corona virus symptoms that affected my breathing and my ability to function to full capacity. I had time on my hands suddenly I was writing songs that had powerful lyrics. As a musician with 23 years experience the levels of my writing’s has hit an all time high. I produced come back home my first ever released track”.

“From my bed, whilst I was ill, for me it’s a track that means personal belief, caring for my partner who works in the healthcare sector hoping during the pandemic she would ‘come back home’. To others it means different things from breakups, loss, this pandemic itself Some have even said my song means families apart stuckover seas military families and so much more. I wanted to share my song and my story because of the high positive impact it has delivered so far. So I feel the world needs to hear this”. And so do we, Jay. Enjoy…

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