Jesse Grossi

FRESH: ‘Bad Girl’ – Jesse Grossi

Jesse Grossi meets a “Bad Girl”

Jesse Grossi is a solo artist from Los Angeles CA. He loves music and just enjoy the process, He believes it’s important to always have fun and enjoy the moment while creating. What comes out, comes out and hopefully have the record button on. His sound varies between Smooth California reggae/ska/punk beach groove music, with soulful, harmonious vocals.

Jesse’s latest song, “Bad Girl”, is his third release since his debut, “Aquarius”, earlier this year. “Bad Girl” was recorded in his home studio, the vocals were recorded in Ferias Studios, Andres Ferias, who also mixed and mastered the track. “Bad Girl” is smooth California reggae beach groove music with soulful, harmonious vocals. The song is about Jesse’s unachievable dream girl, who unfortunately he will never get because, apparently, “I talk too much!”.

Jessie has performed at Whiskey a go go in Hollywood multiple times, the Rainbow Room Hollywood ca, Canyon Club Agora Hills ca, Fiesta del SolArgentina SF, El double media hora Television program reconquista SF, Canal Animate Rio Cordoba Radio video broadcastCordoba AR. He cites as his influences Sublime, Rancid, 311, Johnny Thunders, Bob Marley and Peter Tosh to name a few and tells us “I’m always just trying to have a good time and write a great song, what comes out comes out”.

Keep em coming, Jessie!

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