FRESH: ‘Guilty’ – Kane

Kane debuts with “Guilty”!

Kane Cooper (KANE) sings vocals, plays guitar and keyboard. This has helped him to realise a dream and release his debut single, “Guilty”. The song was recorded in Kane’s studio at home. He produced the majority of it but used a friend to check up on what he had done, who made a few tweaks!

We spoke to Kane recently about the song and this is what he told us:
“‘Guilty’ was basically just about a time I was being messed about by a girl! (I know! How original ahaha). I had only really just started playing the guitar at the time and I was just messing about with chord sequences like I do in all my spare time aha!! The lyrics then kind of just came to me and I decided to make the song build up which is why it starts quite plain and slow at the beginning”.

Kane got properly back into writing his own music once he returned from Australia, at his house in Leicester. He has played in concerts of up to 1,000 people at school and such events but since he left school, in his gap year and in his spare time, Kane just thought about the idea of writing his own original music and performing that which he hopes to do next year in Nottingham. Kane adds: “I enjoy a karaoke night or two after a few drinks as people who didn’t know I sang tend to be pleasantly surprised!”.

Kane says that Sam Fender’s Hypersonic Missiles album is his most listened to album of 2019, about 10 times over despite only being released in September, he says! He is a massive fan of Sam’s and although his own music isn’t as alternative as his, listening to it really encouraged Kane to write his own music. Kane also tells us of “Guilty”: “I would often listen to the song that much that I had to have a few drinks just to get a different view on it. I mean ‘Guilty’ may be ‘written all over you’ but I’d prefer it if it was written all over your streaming service!”.

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